Child Safety

If you have a child under age 8, a seat belt alone is not the best protection. Car crashes kill and injure thousands of children every year and are a leading cause of death for children. More than 1,400 kids die and over 200,000 are hurt each year in car crashes. You never know when a crash will happen. Protect your child with the right car seat. Seat belts are made for adults. Until your child is about age 8, or 4'9" tall, a car seat is needed to keep him or her safe.

The right car seat, fastened correctly, can protect your child and is the best wat to prevent injury or even death in a crash.

It is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Ask your doctor which type of car seat is right for your child.

2. Get a car seat that fits your child and your budget. If cost is a problem, ask your local AAA club or health, fire or police department if they have low-cost or free child seat available.

3. Install the seat correctly. You may meed help. Call 1-866-SEAT-CHECK to find an expert near you. It's free. 

Take charge of your child's safety.


Up to 1 year and up to 20 pounds
(as long as possible up to seat size limits)

Car seat should be:
1. Rear-facing seat
2. Protects head, neck and back.


Older than 1 year and 20-40 pounds
(up to maximum seat size limits)

Car seat should be:
1. Forward-facing safety seat
2. Strap keep child safely in seat

Small Children

Over 40 pounds, up to 8 years and under 4'9"

Should be:
1. Use booster seat.
2. Seat belt fastens across hips and chest.

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